New Iotflow controller in action

New Iotflow controller in action

Now we can say that we know what we are doing! Over 500 units of Iotflow’s new second-generation, patent-protected room automation controller and its variants have been installed during the autumn.

Our new revolutionary easy-to-install controller has been developed based on our experience and feedback from thousands of first generation units.

The programming-free, truly plug and play automation includes as standard for all water meters mbus water metering, underfloor heating control and various indicators. We have also integrated air volume controllers, apartment-specific air handling units and cooling convectors into the controller. All installations operate under field conditions with a switch and use procedure.

Our intelligent plug and play device can also read all M-bus water meters on the market without the need for a separate system or programming and installation is quick and requires no special skills. Iotflow’s water metering service has no service fees and integrates with different billing systems.

In the most recent projects of the construction company Evälahti Postipuisto, the benefits of the ease of installation and commissioning have been reflected in rapid completion. In addition, the fast data from the apartments has been made available to the various contractors at an early stage to facilitate and speed up construction.

Troubleshooting and various adjustments are made easier and time is saved significantly in the final hustle and bustle of construction.

If you’re interested, ask us, we can show you why we know what we’re doing,

Iotflow Ltd aims to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption in the construction industry.