New Iotflow MMC-W converter, smooth water measurement

New Iotflow MMC-W converter, smooth water measurement

Iotflow’s new patent-protected Mbus-Modbus converter (MMC) has been developed to facilitate the introduction and integration of water and energy measurement systems.

The implementation of apartment-specific remotely readable water consumption measurement is topical in hundreds of thousands of apartments in Finland and in millions around Europe.

The EU directive requires measuring the consumption of both cold and hot domestic water from an apartment in a new construction or renovation project. The meters must be remotely readable. The directive is to reduce energy consumption, because producing hot domestic water requires energy. In this way, people can decide for themselves how to influence the amount of energy they use and, through that, their own housing costs. According to the directive, on January 1, 2027, all meters should be remotely readable or have been changed to remotely readable ones.

Iotflow Oy has developed an Mbus-Modbus converter (MMC-W) for this need. The device can read all M-bus water meters on the market without a separate system or programming work, and its installation is fast and does not require special skills.

The operating principle of the Iotflow MMC device is clear. We convert M-bus water and energy meters to Modbus-RTU communication with fixed pre-programmed addresses and speeds. In this way, we can combine two bus technologies in a simple way. The product also integrates with energy meters.

Iotflow Oy’s goal is to improve the productivity of the construction industry and reduce energy consumption.

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Iotflow's new patent-protected Mbus-Modbus converter (MMC)