Smooth water measurement with Platform of Trust and Iotflow

Smooth water measurement with Platform of Trust and Iotflow

The joint solution of Platform of Trust and Iotflow enables cost-effective access to residential water consumption data for various stakeholders.

The legislative reform and EU directive that came into force in November 2020 includes a requirement for real-time monitoring of water consumption per apartment. The challenge is that there are only a limited number of water meters suitable for remote reading and the reading of existing meters requires a lot of manual work. In addition, water consumption data should be easily accessible to the property customer for use in billing systems, resident portals and even sustainability reporting.

Iotflow’s solution enables the conversion of manual meters into remote meters and the cost-effective purchase of new remote meters. The Platform of Trust data exchange service, linked to it, harmonises, reconciles and reliably transmits water consumption data to the systems of choice of the real estate customers. In addition, Platform of Trust already has multiple connections to several remote water metering systems that can be included in the same solution.

Easy and quick to install and deploy, the Iotflow MMC-W converter works with all Mbus water meters on the market without the need to program or deploy an Mbus device. It automatically programs the Mbus water meter to a fixed Modbus RTU address and is immediately ready for connection to the Platform of Trust without duplicate service or monthly fees.

Platform of Trust Ltd is a KiRa industry-owned solutions company focused on solving its communication challenges.

Iotflow Oy is an automation product, software and consulting company founded in 2017, providing patent-protected products and expertise to facilitate and accelerate the deployment and integration of water and energy metering systems.

More information:
Vesa Ilmarinen,, 040 508 6447, Platform of Trust
Markku Peittola,, 040 189 8610, Iotflow